What can a Divemaster do?
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What can a Divemaster do?

What will you be able to do as a certified Divemaster?
• Supervise both training and non-training-related activities by planning, organizing and directing dives.
• Assist an Instructor during the training sessions for any Diver course.
• Conduct the Skin Diver course and Discover Snorkelling program.
• Conduct the Discover Local Diving experience.
• Conduct the Reactivate program.
• If qualified as a Discover Scuba Diving Leader, independently conduct the Discover Scuba Diving program.
• Independently guide Open Water Diver course students on the tour portion of Open Water Diver course Training Dives 2, 3 and 4 at a ratio of two student divers per certified Divemaster.
• Accompany Open Water Diver students under the indirect supervision of an Instructor during:
• Surface swims to and from the entry/exit point and during navigational exercises.
• When the instructor conducts a skill, such as an ascent or descent, a Divemaster can remain with other student divers (with an individual student or buddy team).
• Accompany student divers during Adventure Dives or Specialty training dives under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor.
• Conduct subsequent dives under an instructor’s indirect supervision for Discover Scuba Diving participants after participants have satisfactorily completed the first dive with an Instructor.
• Teach Emergency First Response courses after successfully completing an Emergency First Response Instructor course.
• Change peoples’ lives forever.
• Make new friends throughout the world.




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