Welcome with the big smiles, open arms and passion of diving
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Welcome with the big smiles, open arms and passion of diving

Welcome with the big smiles, open arms and passion of diving

This is a great place to learn to dive whether that be as an beginner or a experienced diver. The center is situated in a marine protected area so there is so much life under the sea. When I was there I entered as a Rescue diver, I went there to achieve the qualification as a Divemaster, through all the hard work from Pete, Alice, Dave, Adam and the rest of the interns I achieved the qualification. After the Divemaster qualification I wanted to go for the Instructor, again with all the help with the dive center and the friends that I have made when I was there to achieve that level in the scuba diving world. So i say thank you so much for what you have done. In the dive center everyone is involved, looking after the customers, preparing for dives, working on there qualifications, helping around the center. The atmosphere of the center is great, meaning you enter with a smile on your face and when you leave you gain a bigger smile, friends for life, qualification that you can use or improve and a passion in the sport. The dive center is in a beautiful area, with many dives locations just in 400 meters of the center. Everyone that goes to the diving center is welcome with the big smiles, open arms and passion of diving of everyone that is there whether they be interns or customers. This is a great place to learn and to enjoy the diving in the areas around the island, the marine life is something that is magical and it is something that I would like to go back to. So to finish it off I will say this, Tenerife dive academy is beautiful place to go to learn to dive and have fun, making friends that will dive with you. This is a place that I would recommend to people that want to dive, like the warm sea, like to see massive amounts of marine life, gain qualifications, make friends, have fun and to have an experience of a life time.



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