Dive Building week – Dive Experience Week
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Dive Building week – Dive Experience Week

Dive Building week
Most of our internships and programs have a minimum number of dives and an issue candidates have experienced before is not having enough dives to start at the next level.

We now have the solution in the form of Dive Building weeks.
Our 5 day program consists of a minimum of 4 dives a day enabling you to get at least 20 dives in a week. The normal cost via a Dive Centre would be in the region of €600. As always we are here to help our upcoming professionals and offer this program at a great price.

Important notes;
*Please note this program is only offered to those booked on our PADI Pro internships / programs and courses.
*All dives are shore dives based from our Dive Centre.
*To book this program you must be a certified diver with diving insurance.

Dive Experience Week
One of the reasons that may stop a Professional from obtaining new employment is a lack of experience.
Yet another new program we are offering is the “Dive Experience” week. You get to provide assistance to an Instructor or another experienced PADI Divemaster during guided dives, and PADI courses at all levels.
We will teach you where you need to be and what you need to do to be the best assistant to a Dive Instructor or awesome employee for a Dive Centre.

Important notes;
*This program is only for certified PADI Divemaster’s and above.
*To book this program you must have diving insurance.

To get a cost or to combine this with another of our programs please complete the form here