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Project AWARE dives on Abades

Project Aware Dives Tenerife

The planet’s oceans (technically 1 interlinked ocean) are extremely important to us. They are the source and sustenance of all life on Earth, oxygenating the air we breath and spreading warmth around the planet, as well as providing us with our best-loved, romantic and imaginative stories. The spectacles of nature in the oceans are unparalleled, inspiring every diver that witnesses underwater environments.

Even with all this aside, seeing the amount of marine debris is painful to anyone. Taking into account the significant importance of the oceans and the 693 different species animals that are directly affected by rubbish, it becomes almost unbearable. The large majority of marine debris sinks, so as divers, we have a unique opportunity to tackle this issue head on. Whenever an item of marine debris is removed from the ocean, it becomes safer for marine animals, the data collected informs policy and expands understanding and convinces others of the need for change.

In our latest project AWARE dive on Abades Bay, 4 divers collected 5kg of human caused marine debris over the course of 2 short dives. It was very rewarding to know that the 3 bags of trash we removed can no longer cause harm to the great variety of species that live and visit the reefs around the bay.

Hopefully the continuing efforts of divers, driven by the proud history of removing rubbish from the oceans will preserve the oceans and all their beauty for the next generations of the planet to enjoy 🙂

Simon Weighell
PADI Divemaster Trainnee – England

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My first Project Aware dive in Tenerife

Project Aware Tenerife

There is something about diving that we love, once you dive beneath the water, enjoying the amazing environment and everything it has to offer to us. From the small organisms, all the way up to the largest of creatures that roam this world. However, we have a problem and we have created it. The sea is littered with rubbish, even in Abades Bay, Tenerife, we have a lot of rubbish in the sea.
We need to keep it clean!

During every dive that we do here we make sure we pick up as much rubbish as we can and bring it out of the ocean. Education is also highly important; the more people understand this problem the better, and then we can get more people to help take care of their surroundings.

That is why during my PADI Divemaster internship in Tenerife I did a Project Aware specialty. I had to plan and lead a dive in the House Reef along with 2 other people who wanted to join, Abi and Craig. This dive lasted 56 minutes and we managed to fill a big bag full of rubbish. Some of the many things we found during our dive included plastics, papers, sharp metal and also a shoe!
It really is unbelievable how much rubbish you can find when you look for it.
Dragging this big bag of rubbish out of the sea felt good though.
It was a really nice dive, knowing we are doing something really positive for the local reef and at the same time enjoying it too.

Bringing rubbish out of the sea we do on every dive but this was on a much larger scale as we came fully prepared for it.
We really enjoyed doing this for our local reef and would recommend anyone else who is diving here or anywhere else in this beautiful planet to do the same too.

Let’s help make this ocean a little cleaner, one step at a time.

Linda Orru
PADI Divemaster – Turin, Italy